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1.What does CRSsurplus do ? We buy, sell, broker  Equipment, Materials, Parts and Surplus.

*CRS is a division of Central Recycling- A full service recycling company  operating scrap yards and the only (C&D) construction and demolition debris facility in Alaska…

2.Is CRSsurplus.com Alaskan owned and operated?  It sure is… For Alaskans by Alaskans!

3.What kinds of  items will I find on CRSsurplus.com?  Equipment, Parts, Materials and Surplus, and anything that fits in one of the categories.

4.Who is crssurplus.com target audience?  People or businesses buying and selling equipment, materials, and parts in Alaska.

5.How does the brokering service work?  Interested in Brokering Equipment and or Surplus?  CRS Surplus has very competitive rates and will work around the clock, finding the right buyer for any piece of equipment or item you might want to sell.  Email us at info@crssurplus.com Let us know what you have!

6.How does the appraisal service work? Need Certified Appraisal Services?   We have certified appraisers who can give you a realistic dollar amount of what you might expect for any item you might be selling.  Email us at info@crssurplus.com

7.I’m not interested in dealing with the sale of my items. Will you buy it?   Definitely a good possibility, we are always looking for new items to buy. Let us know what you have. Email us at info@crssurplus.com

8.I am having trouble with my login? What do I do?  Email us at admin@crssurplus.com

9.I am having trouble with the website?  Email us at admin@crssurplus.com

10.What is the benefit of advertising with Eqmps.com?  We understand that there are lots of sites to advertise with.  We appreciate your business.  Here at Eqmps we strive to be different.  Our goal is that buyers will find what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible.  The site is streamlined with that goal in mind.  We also actively advertise our site on search engines so new viewers are always coming in.


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